Poker Players Without a Doubt

The above image represents the chemical makeup of something every poker player knows: the caffeine molecule. Without a doubt, I love these things. In Red Bull, in coffee, in tea, in diet soda pops; it’s just something I try to get as much of as I could handle into my system at any given time. That’s also a problem; you start to build-up a tolerance and so you need more going to your peaks and when you don’t own it, you get fierce headaches and are cranky.

Poker Players Without a Doubt lead another

That’s how a lot of players are with poker, however the problem is that you can’t just drink one glass of water and pop a pill when you’re getting distracted and cranky at the tables. It’s vital that you realize when you’re off your game and take a breather. One poor decision can lead to another can lead to another and you’re suddenly wondering where your chips went. Awareness: caffeine can help you with it, but it’s not a alternative to knowing when to leave and clear your head a bit. Don’t get involved in a tournament unless you’re feeling like you’re ready to do it, and if it’s a cash game, it’s OK to fold them.

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