NL25 Mass Multi-Tabling Session

First off i must say that im not overly happy with what i did for my first video on here and apologize for the picture quality, i must change the settings. My plan was to make the one that showed how i use Tablescan Turbo to finish up on the very best tables however it dosnt actually turn out that way and at one point in the video im playing about 20 tables. I also had problems setting up the recording pc software and as a result my mouse cursor dosnt show in the videos that has been a disappointment that im sorry about. At the trunk end of the video i also run like god which although is nice and i know a whole lot of Poker Coaches must record sessions numerous times to make themselves look good but for me we probably learn more from sessions once we get in some decent spots rather than just hitting flop after flop.

NL25 Mass Multi-Tabling Session video playing

That all been said i’ve decided to still put the video up because theres quite a lot of interesting spots that can come up. Theres a few value betting and thin value betting spots that come up that ive hopefully played quite well that some people may possibly normally miss. Theres a bit of light 3betting that goes on and i make a couple of decent folds throughout the video and because i sort of lost the aim of the video theres quite a lot going on and im sure i make quite a few mistakes because im not focusing and playing too many tables. Theres a lot of isoing of fish in the video and opening in a whole lot of spots that a lot of people would just normally ignore hence throughout the video i end up playing 25/20, which is really a little bit looser than i normally play,and though i wind up nearly 3 buyins theres no pots bigger than 41bb and i really dont do that much that is uncommon.

Im likely to add the NL10 video at some point but before that i will probably try and make a better one at NL25 that may be more straightforward to watch, anyway the video is below and all comments are far more than welcome.

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